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    • Modern diesel engines work at very high pressures so any dirt can cause a reduction in performance.. A common problem is low fuel pressure. Sometimes when there is low fuel pressure the injectors need to be changed but there are times when the injectors are not the problem - the problem is elsewhere in the system.. It could be, for example, that the pump is not producing enough pressure.
  • Reading these common Peugeot 307 problems should help you find out what is wrong with your Peugeot 307 - or just what to look out for in the future. We'll also give suggestions on what to do if your Peugeot 307 does have one of these issues. Great prices Great parts. Save up to 85% off parts ... Fuel . Buy 307 parts 307 common problems 307 ...

Peugeot 307 hdi fuel pressure sensor problems

Joined: Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:28 pm. x 65. Re: Peugeot 307 1.4Hdi - EGR PROBLEM. Post. by spider » Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:59 pm. P0192 - Fuel Pressure Signal - Short Circuit to earth. I think its that. The wiring on the pump may be a problem or one of its sensors, possibly the pressure sensor in the fuel rail.

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  • Peugeot 307 - fuse box - engine compartment - version 2. Fuse. Ampere rating [A] Functions. 1. 20. Engine control unit and fan assembly high speed relay supply. 2. 15.
  • BOSCH 0 281 002 492 Sensor, fuel pressure, You Can Buy High Quality BOSCH 0 281 002 492 Sensor, fuel pressure from yoyoparts.com
  • PEUGEOT 308 Wiring Diagrams. 1 - ignition lock; 2 - BSI; 3 - instrument panel; 4 - mounting the engine compartment; 5 - motor control relay; 6 - temperature sensor and engine oil level; 7 - knock sensor; 8 - engine control unit; 9 - electric drive; 10 - coolant temperature sensor; 11 - absolute pressure sensor; 12 - throttle position sensor; 13 ...
  • 21:00, 04 August 2015. View 2 images. Peugeot 307 used car review. It's not unknown for a car maker to simply lose its mojo. It happened to a lot of the Japanese makers after the GFC when brands ...
  • Peugeot 307 CC: Gasoline (135 HP) 2004: ISO 14230-4 : Peugeot 307 hdi: Diesel (81 HP) 2002: ISO 14230-4, ISO 9141-2: Peugeot 307 profil: Gasoline (98 HP) 2004: ISO 9141-2 : Peugeot 307 sw: Diesel (106 HP) 2003: ISO 9141-2 : Diesel (109 HP) 2003 : Diesel (106 HP) 2004 : Diesel (108 HP) 2004-Peugeot 308: 1.6 HDi, Diesel (110HP) 2006: CAN 11bit ...
  • 9115 - Sensor, fuel pressure manufactured by MEAT & DORIA applicable for the CITROËN, PEUGEOT, and FIAT. This sensor is fully compatible with original part numbers 9633310080, 9467644980, and 1573667G00. Order MEAT & DORIA sensor online and find many other parts and accessories that fit your car, bike or truck.
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  • fuel rail pressure sensor 9655465480 fits citroen peugeot 1.4 1.6 hdi focus 1.8 2.0 tdci oem:9655465480,96.554.654.80,96 554 654 80,6ph10012,6ph1001.2 fits: citroen. c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 1.4 1.6 hdi -68hp 90hp and 109hp only. jumpy 1.6 hdi -68hp 90hp and 109hp only. xsara 1.4 hdi -68hp only. xsara picasso 1.6 hdi -90hp and 109hp only
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  • Actuator test activates particular actuator (e.g. turn on fuel pump, lock/unlock wheel, lock/unlock doors, cut off fuel, etc.) How to test old Citroen and Peugeot For most cars before 1996, you need old adapter 30 pin-Adapter For the XM Y4 (1994-2000) you need the 30 pin-Adapter, Lexia-3 30 Pin Cable for Citroen Diagnostic Tool
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    Recalls: Peugeot T7 308 hatch. In July 2008, a recall was issued for Peugeot T7 308 hatch vehicles due to the engine relay unit being incorrectly specified and therefore vulnerable to deterioration over time. This could cause operating faults and, potentially, the failure of other equipment ( PRA 2008/10135 ).

    Let my experience be a warning for others - DO NOT buy a Peugeot. Buy a reliable Japanese or Korean car instead. In the last 9 months my 2011 petrol wagon with 75,000kms has had the following issues: - Oil Filter mounting Leak (spewing oil) - Thermostat housing Leak (spewing coolant) - Coolant level sensor replaced - Oil pressure sensor replaced

    My 3008 started having difficulty starting and stalled a few times at low rpm. It then started to hesitate when cruising and accelerating. Eventually I locat...

    This is our second Peugeot, the first being a 2002 307. The 407 had to live up to the high standards set by the 307 for comfort, economy, safety and style. It does all that and more. The performance and economy of the HDI engine coupled with the new 6 speed semi-auto is nothing short of brilliant!

    I have had the same problem with my Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi. Bought the car in Aug 2010 with 4800 miles on clock. ... they said it needed a new filter and a new fuel pressure sensor at the cost of £393! Got it 'fixed' by 2nd Oct and travelling to Scotland last week it again lost power on M6 THREE times. Not a very happy bunny!!


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    • Buying or selling a Peugeot 307? Check out the full range of vehicles on Autotrader.com.au today and find your next New or Used Peugeot 307 for Sale in Australia. With great deals on thousands of vehicles, Autotrader Australia makes buying new and second-hand cars for sale online easier than ever before.
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    • The Peugeot 307 is a top-notch production from this well-respected French manufacturer. It instantly turned heads on its release, catching the attention of the judges on the Car of the Year panel who awarded it with the top prize in 2002. Available with 7 different petrol engines, including 3 16-valve editions and a meaty 2.0 litre diesel variant, this car gives you a lot of choice when it ...


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    Fuel pump (petrol), purge canister, turbine discharge and Turbo pressure regulation solenoid valves (1.6 I THP 16V), oil vapour heater (1.6 I THP 16V), diesel heater (1.6 I HDI 16V). F6: 10 A: Vehicle speed sensor, ABS/ESP control unit. F7: 10 A: Power steering control unit, automatic gearbox, engine coolant level detector. F8: 25 A: Starter ...Peugeot 307 Hdi Owners Manual Peugeot 5008 MPV 2009 2017 Owner Reviews CarBuyer. The World’s Greatest Wagons Peugeot 203 403 404 504. Peugeot 306 Wikipedia. Peugeot 307 Horn Intermittent Not Working Glodark. Peugeot Tyre Pressures Recommended Tire Pure Tyre. How To Delete Unwanted Destinations Peugeot Forums. PSA EW DW Engine Wikipedia.

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    • Peugeot 307 The Peugeot 307 is a small family car from the French car company Peugeot and was introduced in 2001. Sold over 2.4 million worldwide till 2012, the 307 was a great overall package providing lots of space and comfort for a small family hatchback. The excellent HDI Turbo Diesel engines were amongst the class leaders for refinement ...
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    • 2004 Peugeot 307 Peugeot 307 SW HDI 2litre Audible 'beep' sounds. Display says 'fuel filter blocked' and a small icon appears and stays on showing what looks like an engine. If the engine is then kept under load, especially up an incline, another audible 'beep' occurs and the words 'anti pollution fault' are displayed.
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    • Peugeot 407 owner reviews The Peugeot 407 has striking looks, but isn't great to drive or hugely practical. At least the diesel engines are strong performers."
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    Model watch. The 307 replaced the 306 in 2001 and came well credentialed having been voted European Car of the Year for 2002. While it replaced the 306 it was significantly larger than its predecessor. While the 306 was regarded as a small car, the 307 was a size larger, almost a mid-sized model.

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      • Fuel Rail High Pressure Sensor fits Fiat ford Peugeot Citroen 1.4 1.6 TDCI HDi D. Item information. Condition: Brand New. Bulk savings: Buy 1. AU $35.99 each. Buy 2. AU $34.19 each.
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      When the fuel leaves the fuel injector, a spray tip distributes the fuel as a fine mist. Pressure-Packed Fuel Injection. Today's diesel fuel injection pumps are under pressure - even more pressure than what was once considered "normal." Around 15-20 years ago, it was common for fuel injector pumps to process fuel in a system at around ...

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      • 1x fuel rail pressure valve sensor part no: a2c59506225 / x39-800-300-005z/ 193341. new oem part, comes without original packaging. fits 1.4hdi & 2.0hdi peugeot models. list as a guide only, please refer to part for correct fitment: peugeot:-1007 (km_) 1.4 hdi 04.2005-on kw:50 ps:68 ccm:1398-407 2.0 hdi 2004-on kw:100 ps:136 ccm:1997
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      If pressure is higher, check for a restricted fuel line or stuck fuel pressure regulator (consult your manual for the best way to check the FPR in your car). Conclusion Fuel pump problems are not easy to diagnose, specially because some symptoms are similar to those produced by problems in other systems.
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      • Hi all, My C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDi 2007 has cut out a few times. It eventually starts again and I've managed to get home. I'm getting fault code P0192 (Fuel pressure signal: Short circuit to earth) So I am going to change the Fuel Pressure Sensor 1920 GW and Seal 1920 TG. From looking around the internet the socket size for the sensor is 27mm.
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      Peugeot say they had a major problem with this with the 307/308 some years ago but have had no problems since. Needless to say they won't offer any sort of courtesy assistance with the £1,500 bill.

    Apr 07, 2015 · "The antipollution fault" message may means not only dpf problem. The message apears when the engine have a problem, it may be glow plug problem, fuel pressure problem, wrong data recieved from sensor, EGR, etc. You must read trouble codes befor remove FAP filter.
    • My 3008 started having difficulty starting and stalled a few times at low rpm. It then started to hesitate when cruising and accelerating. Eventually I locat...
    • This was the case recently when I investigated an (apparent) common rail diesel fuel system problem on a Peugeot 307 HDI for a friend who runs an independent garage. The vehicle was a model year 2005 with 2 litre engine, engine code RHR.